Friday, 30 October 2015

Telling Stories Exhibition and the On the Wall Series

On the Wall Series, photographed in Germany in 2015, will be part of the Telling Stories:a visual art exhibition opening on the 7th of November 2015. The exhibition will include photography, painting, sculpture, fibre art and other installations. It will feature the following nine artists: Alison Keenan, Phyllis Schwartz, Jim Friesen, Daphne Harwood, Sophi Liang, Colette Lisoway, Edward Peck, Debra Sloan and June Yun.
This is the BestB4 Collective’s latest exhibition, and it is graciously hosted by the Chinese Cultural Centre in their On-Tak Cheung Exhibition Gallery.
Opening: Saturday, November 7, 2015
Location: 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC
Regular Hours: 11:am - 5pm (Tue-Sat), Nov 7th - Dec 19
For Special Hours and Events see BestB4Collective’s Blog
A Brief Word About the Series
My artist practice has always been about teaching myself to see. While walking around Berlin and Hamburg, I noticed that older buildings were pockmarked. At first I thought it was due to the elements.  However, stopping in a museum courtyard, I noticed that the marks extended up a couple of stories and then disappeared. It then occurred to me that the marks were not wear and tear, but rather, gun fire that had been sprayed against the side of the building. This wall was indeed telling a story. On other buildings the marks were covered by layers of graffiti, which at first I attributed to vandals and perhaps, a lack of city maintenance. Suddenly, I saw that the work on the walls was a conversation between established international artists, the body politic, local artist and community over time. Here, depicted on the wall, were stories of the past and present, layer upon layer.
Manolis Second Hand

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